Beautiful Banhoek Stellenbosch South Africa
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Despite its extraordinary natural beauty, the Banhoek Valley outside Stellenbosch remains relatively unknown. Yet few regions in South Africa can claim such a rich and fascinating history, from the arrival of early settlers, slaves and farmers through to the present day.

In this valley, some of the finest examples of early Cape Dutch architecture and buildings are contrasted with ultra-modern, enormously sophisticated wineries. In addition, some of the earliest villages established by freed slaves are a reminder of the country’s dark past.

Beautiful Banhoek explores this captivating region and its fertile land which produces some of the Cape’s finest fruit and some of its most acclaimed wines created either in the old-fashioned, traditional manner or in hi-tech, state-of-the art wineries.

In this corner of the earth, surrounded by a majestic ring of mountains, a visitor travels back in time to a place where the pace of life slows to a leisurely stroll amidst rows of perfectly lined vineyards and orchards. Here in the valley, there is a cadence to the farming activities as the rolling seasons dictate the tempo of everyday life.

The photographs in this book capture the ever-changing colours of the seasons in the vineyards
and orchards of the Banhoek Valley, and the moods of the surrounding mountains.

It encapsulates the alluring timelessness of a place where leopard and baboon continue to roam freely amidst the craggy peaks.

It illustrates this unique valley in all its varied aspects, documenting and celebrating one of the Cape’s best-kept secrets.